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Dr. Sandra Dunn


Throughout Dr. Sandra “Sandi” Dunn’s career in breast cancer research, she has honed and developed her entrepreneurial skills. As the CEO of Phoenix Molecular Designs, which she founded in 2012, she has led a team of passionate biotechnicians to develop precise cancer therapeutics for the most deadly types of breast cancer, particularly triple negative breast cancer (TNBC).

While attending graduate school, Dr. Sandra Dunn was hellbent on working in research and developing anticancer medications and treatments, but she was always professional interested in the business side of science as well. She founded Phoenix Molecular Designs to marry those two passions while working to improve the quality of life and healthcare for women around the world.

As an entrepreneur, one of Dr. Sandra Dunn’s favorite aspects of her career is the ability to really get creative and think outside of the box. As someone passionate about both the research and business aspects of healthcare, she wanted to bring together a team of leaders who can take the initiative and not only get the job done but help develop the field as a whole.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, Sandi’s philosophy is truly one of teamwork. She has an eye for talent knows how to build first class teams. As a result, she knows that the team she surrounds herself move the needle on success. At Phoenix Molecular Designs in particular, Dr. Sandra Dunn has demonstrated her knack for galvanizing talent.

As an entrepreneur and breast cancer researcher, Dr. Sandra Dunn is a dedicated professional whose natural discipline and ability to focus on the vision at hand are skills she’s honed and used to build her career to where it is now, and she looks forward to continuing to capitalize on her momentum. She is working now on building her career towards a point of bona fide serial entrepreneurship, where she’ll be building businesses from the ground up, developing them for a few years, and then selling them.  

On top of it all, Sandi finds time and space in her career to take on a mentorship roles in helping other women in the industry. As a woman in science and research, Dr. Sandra Dunn knows how difficult it can be to break the glass ceiling and to build a career for yourself in the field. She loves coaching other women, giving them the tools to reach their full potential and helping them build their own paths professionally.  

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